Influencer Marketing: Does It Work?

We’ve all seen the Shopify ads on YouTube … “I sold 30,000 pairs of socks in 2.5 minutes, and you can too!”. They’ll tell you that this was all done thanks to hard work and strategy planning, which we don’t TOTALLY disagree with, however, influencer marketing definitely helps.

Big Commerce reports that over the last five years, brands have collaborated with social media influencers across channels to generate awareness, and influencer marketing grew from an ancillary marketing tactic to a $5-10 billion dollar industry. So, why are businesses still so hesitant to accept that “Instagram Influencer” is not only a job title but a real asset for your business!

Most businesses do understand that influencer marketing is important, however, they assume that is costs around $200,000 per paid post – this is not the case! In fact,  the most common influencer budget is $1,000 – $10,000/year. Influencer Marketing is also not something that businesses have to utilize every week or even every month! Once per year could significantly increase your brand popularity and could help you tap into a huge audience that may have not found you before. 

Today’s generation of consumers are getting smarter – traditional advertising tactics are slowly fading away and yet sales are on the rise for products promoted by faces that people are familiar with. Imagine for a second, you’re in a dark alleyway, and your favourite primary school teacher came up to you and told you about how much they loved a sandwich that they just ate so they purchased a second still in the wrapper and offered it to you, would you take it? Now imagine a stranger with their face hidden in a hood coming up to you and yelling at you to “TAKE THE SANDWICH!” and “EAT IT NOW, BEFORE THIS OFFER ENDS!” … would you do it?! For me, it would depend on how hungry I was… But the answer I’m fishing for is “no”. I’d also tell my beloved primary school teacher to stop hanging out in dark alleyways. 

This can somewhat explain why someone will be much more inclined to view/buy a product after hearing how great it is from the beautician that they’ve been watching on YouTube for months or when someone sees a camera accessory promoted by their favourite photographer that they follow on Instagram. This type of Marketing is not wrong, as long as it’s done right… and that’s the beauty of influencer marketing! You’re in control of what your influencer puts out there.

There is no need (for this method of Marketing at least) to research keywords, create audiences, create ad creative and copy – nothing! Just have a decent product and the main elements of your brand set up – and get your influencer to tell the people where to go!

I’ve worked with multiple brands in doing this and have never had a negative result. Sometimes the results won’t be amazing – but as long as your placing your brand and product within an influencer’s audience relevant to your target market, then you should see some great results!

As always, be sure to do your research on all influencers available to you, read contracts, outline clearly what you expect and be realistic! This whole experience reminds me of one of my favourite quotes – “When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be”. So, give it a go! You never know what your business could become when trying something new!

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