How ‘digital’ is your marketing?

Your inbound digital marketing can be compared to planting a vegetable garden… Sure, watering the soil is a good idea – but it doesn’t much matter if you haven’t planted the seeds in the first place. OK – full disclosure: I’m currently planning my home-vege-garden build so there may be a few vege illustrations here and there.

Something we hear a lot is “I’ve decided to focus a lot more on digital marketing for my business so I created a Facebook page” or “I created my own WIX website but I don’t seem to have that many customers mentioning they found me from my website”. This is a classic example of someone with great intentions but they haven’t quite completed their journey through the inbound digital marketing universe.

Without a creative and focused landing page, there is no use in trying to post lead-generating posts on Facebook… Without a full Analytics integration on your website, there is no way to understand who is visiting your site and why their visit is not converting… Without a basic understanding of SEO or an SEO checker integrated into your site, there is no reason to rely on people organically finding your website.

Are you starting to see the potatoes through the dirt? (That one was a reach). Without the full circle of all digital marketing elements, you can’t set your sights too high for seeing results and return on investment from your time spent developing these online channels. If you could boil this down to one statement from us, it would be: “Don’t get caught up thinking that social media is a fix-all solution for your digital marketing efforts.” 

Stick that on a T-shirt.

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How ‘digital’ is your marketing?

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