BRAFTON POST: 7 of the best social media campaigns we’ve ever seen

Given the nature of social media engagement today, a brand’s social media channel is about more than just followers, fans and photos. Each social campaign and post is an opportunity, as well as a significant responsibility, for a business to show what it’s made of. 

The most successful social media campaign is one that’s thoughtfully crafted to reach a target audience, evoke emotion and elicit a response from those users. 

Let’s revisit some of the most remarkable moments in social media marketing, and why these top social media campaigns work so well.

Social media is the most powerful form of digital persuasion

Around the globe, nearly two-thirds of the 13-and-over population are now active on social media, with an average of 9 accounts per person. Engaged followers use a variety of platforms — from Instagram and Facebook to YouTube, Twitter and TikTok — to qualify brands’ trustworthiness and find community.

But today’s typical user doesn’t just count on a fresh stream of social media content to influence their purchasing decisions and provide entertainment. More than half of U.S. adults also scour social media for relevant news. Countless others seek accounts that help reinforce their value systems and even expand their worldviews.

Brands that understand how these factors fit together have opportunities to create the most compelling social media campaigns. Here are the best ones we’ve seen lately:

  1. “Find Me a Match” by Vrbo.
  2. #BigGameColorCommentary by Pantone.
  3. Project #ShowUs by Dove.
  4. Coronavirus response by the WHO.
  5. Getty Museum Challenge by the Getty Museum.
  6. “For My Damn Self” by Mejuri.
  7. “Confidence that lasts a lifetime” by the British Army.

1. ‘Find Me a Match’ by Vrbo

Launched as a nationwide TV ad and served up to unsuspecting viewers on YouTube, Vrbo’s “Find Me a Match” video is 30 seconds of movie-musical magic. Launched in April 2019, it was produced by the travel booking company’s internal creative team in collaboration with Prettybird and film director Todd Strauss-Schulson.

Like other exceptional video ads, this Vrbo spot transforms a fairly ordinary concept — matching holidaymakers with their perfect vacation rentals — into an extraordinary visual spectacle. But it’s far from fluff; the campaign accomplishes a variety of practical goals in a totally original and memorable way.

Its creative use of metamodernist aesthetics is at once nostalgically familiar and anticipatory, much like the thought of a trip to an iconic tourist destination.

The catchy “Matchmaker, Matchmaker” melody immediately communicates Vrbo’s unique value proposition, while the lyrics elevate the customer journey to love story status. The jingle is sure to get stuck in your head. And, from a utilitarian standpoint, it also helps reinforce the brand’s newly official pronunciation.

From bold imagery to sweeping choreography, each detail of this short but cinematic experience was intended to evoke the sense of joy and wonder viewers will feel after booking a vacation through Vrbo. And it accomplishes this all without relying on stock travel imagery and other clichés.

2. Project #ShowUs by Dove

Some 15 years after Dove launched its groundbreaking “Real Beauty” campaign, the brand created Project #ShowUs in 2019.

With women and non-binary participants working in front of and behind the camera, Project #ShowUs aimed to showcase unfiltered beauty, and a more inclusive approach to what beauty looks like. It proved that brands can use social media campaigns to make a positive impact and create the type of change their target audience wants to see in the world.

Led by Dove, Girlgaze and Getty Images, the project consists of “a ground-breaking library of 5,000+ photographs devoted to shattering beauty stereotypes by showing female-identifying and non-binary individuals as they are, not as others believe they should be.”

Images featured women of all ages, abilities and appearances, posing proudly and taking part in a wide variety of activities. As photos were added to the database, a model could reportedly choose her preferred search tags to quite literally be seen on her own terms.

The social media campaign extended across YouTube, Instagram and other channels and is expected to have a lasting impact. With more than 13,000 photos in the library to date, followers are encouraged to use the collection’s images for marketing purposes or submit their own.

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